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Brilliant Wedding Pages April 22, 2002

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    Children at Your Wedding

    Are you inviting lots of children to your wedding? Or debating inviting children, but just can't decide because you don't want them to be in the way or too distractive? Well, here are some ideas that will hopefully help you to incorporate the children cost- effectively.


    First, at the ceremony children tend to sit with their parents. If you are having lots of smaller children (say, under three years old), you may want to consider offering childcare to your guests. A great way to accomplish this is to ask one of your responsible teen relatives or friends to be in charge of this. In helping to convince them to do this, you can tell them that you would like one or two of their responsible friends to help them out as well.


    During dinner, many reception halls now offer children's meals. This is a wonderful idea, because it will save you money - it costs less, and the kids like the menu better. For example, chicken fingers and french fries instead of steak and potatoes. Make sure to look into this possibility if you are having lots of kids (around 12 and under) to your wedding.


    The hard part about having children to your wedding reception is that they get tired earlier and bored easily. When the parent's want to be enjoying your day, instead they have to take the children home. To solve this problem, you can ask those same teen relatives and friends to head up a children's table at your reception.

    This can be a table that has crayons, paper, legos, and some games at it. You can ask the parents of the children to bring their favorite game and you can provide the crayons and paper. The "babysitters" could even have the children draw pictures of your wedding or make cards to wish you well in your marriage.

    Another way to separate the children from the reception is to book one hotel room (if your reception is in a hotel) for all of the kids and the "babysitters". Bring a VCR and some movies, a Nintendo, some board games, crayons, and paper, and the kids are set for quite awhile. Plus, if some of the smaller kids get tired, they can crash on the bed.

    Some other ideas that may take a little more time and effort are to plan a scavenger hunt for the kids or another kind of contest. If you are having an outdoor reception and there is enough space, you could arrange for a game of kickball or tee-ball.

    Finally a fun and cute thing to do would be to have a children's dance, where you spend one song dancing with the kids - the bride with the boys and the groom with the girls. This could be very memorable and meaningful to them! Plus, the adults will probably think it is adorable. So, before you send them off to the children's table or to another room, have a children's dance.

    As always, be creative and don't be afraid to ask for help. If you would like to make your wedding children- friendly, let everyone know and they will be sure to help you out in thinking of ideas, finding babysitters, and bringing the necessary items. And, don't forget, this is not something you want to worry about on the day of your wedding, so put someone else in charge, and trust them to handle it!

    Kelly Kons,

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