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The Best of Martha Stewart Living - Weddings

 Volume 5      Issue 3
Alternatives to Limo Rentals for Your Wedding Transportation

For as long as there have been weddings, there has been wedding transportation. Couples are always seeking that perfect means exiting their wedding ceremony and transporting themselves to the reception. But, how do you do this when you are on a budget?

Alternatives to Limo RentalsAs usual, the answer is creativity. I may not have the perfect wedding transportation idea for you, but using some of these thoughts, I think you should be able to come up with something on your own that is affordable and fun.

First, what are your interests? Are you and your fiance passionate about bicycling, motorcycling, cars, boats? Are you having a theme to your wedding that you want to stick to?

Second, think about the people that you know. Do you know someone who collects cars? Do you know someone who owns a riding stable? How about a bicycle shop? Think about your parent's close friends as well. You may be suprised at all of the different people you know.

Wedding TransportationThird, where is your ceremony and reception located? Your transportation has to be viable - you cannot take a boat to your reception if it is not on a body of water. You cannot bicycle there in a wedding dress if it is an hour away.

Depending on your interests, who you know, and where your wedding is located, you can come up with a creative idea of how to get from your ceremony to your reception.

Like bicycling? Rent a tandem bike and pedal your way there (depending on how far it is!). Is your reception on a lake and you have a friend who owns a boat? Ask them if they would be willing to drive you up to the reception location. Do you love watersports and are getting married on the beach? Waterski away from the ceremony.

Of course, many of these ideas are extremely "out there" and if you don't know someone to help you out, they can be incredibly expensive. So, don't go overboard in your thinking. Piling your wedding party into the family van decorated in tulle and bells can be just as fun as getting a limo and a lot less expensive.

Wedding TransportationI have been to two weddings already this summer. The first couple couldn't get a limo and found out that there were people who biked with carts behind them in their town. It cost less money than a limo and they got a cart for each couple in their bridal party. And, it was a lot of fun to see them ride off after the wedding!

The second couple was driving from their reception to a hotel near the airport about 120 miles away in order to catch an early morning flight. They needed a rental car anyway and decided to add a few bucks and get a Mustang Convertible.

Both of these couples were flexible and creative a ndcame up with ways within their budget to make their transportation fun and affordable.

Whatever you decide to do, it will be perfect for you and your wedding! You don't have to spend the most money to make it the most memorable or the most exceptional. Have fun, compromise, and be creative!

Kelly Kons

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